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Firm Profile

CHJ3 Architecture is a full-service architectural and interior design firm, founded in 1998 by Charles H. Joch, III.    We are well known for our expertise in the design of healthcare facilities, with a particular focus on dental offices and medical suites.  CHJ3 Architecture employs an experienced staff of architects, designers and core consultants, each with over 20 years in their respected field, who bring a vast knowledge to all of our projects from commercial offices, retail spaces and commercial buildings.  Understanding that architectural design is an ever-changing discipline, we strive to stay on the leading edge of new developments, to keep our approach fresh and vital.


The foundation of our success is based on a close working relationship with every client.    Much of our work is done for an ongoing base of clients who trust our professionalism and have benefited from our expertise and commitment to service.  The main focus of CHJ3 Architecture has been to create high quality spaces, which enhance our client’s ability to perform to their best while keeping within their budgets.  Our designs facilitate a smooth task flow for the benefit of those who work in the targeted space as well as for those they serve.   Our goal is to reflect our client’s personality and vision to create an environment that conveys the visual, sensory, spatial and tonal qualities that give life to each client’s unique perspective.  CHJ3 Architecture believes that a collaborative effort is needed to make every project a true success, from design to construction.


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